Why Dr.Reach?

Improve efficiency, Accessibility and Simplifies time-consuming, routine tasks. Accomplish more in less time with less overhead; Improve revenue and gain control of your operations.

High error identification

Identifies and prevents more prescription error types than any other solution, particularly drug mix-up

Fully personalized

Response is based on the patient’s specific data


No a prior rule-set that limits, by nature, the errors it can capture


model is automatically and continuously fine-tuned based on physicians’ responses to alerts.

Low maintenance

Easy to use software without time-lag and additional costs

Cost reduction

Significant cost reduction with pay for what you use policy

How we are different?

Dr.Reach is simple, fast, intuitive, and interoperable so you focus more on care. Plus, it’s integrated with our solutions for a more efficient system that increases revenue, and accelerates your institutions performance.

Practice Management

Mange your business and grow your bottom line.

Patient Management

Engage patients,manage chronic illness, meet Meaningful Use and analyze your data with Dr.Reach Health Management System.

Revenue Cycle Management

Focus on care,not finances. Let us do the heavy lifting on collectiopns and payment.

Productivity Tools

Work faster and smarter with solutions that allow you to capture information with a simple pen,on-the-go provider workflow from your mobile device,e-prescribing, and document management

Consulting Services

Our experts help you superchange your electronic health records,ensure compliance with government initiatives, and maximize your value-based care reinbursements.


Integrated data sharing and exchange is baked right into our solutions. Drive collaboratiive care where and how you are.

How we works?

We understand your practice’s workflow, the unique needs of your specialty, and the challenges you face daily – We build our software to meet your requirement

Efficiency and

Simplifies time-consuming, routine tasks. Accomplish more in less time with less overhead.

Improve revenue and gain control of your operation


+Patients daily


+Patient data migrated


+Medicine Interactions checked a day

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